[preview]Use Powershell to create VMware Workstation Snaps

With vmware Workstation there is a nice feture to crete Snaps, Clones and Linked clones.

Ther are two options to do so:

One is the UI, the second one is use VIX-API / vmrun.


For the Second option i created a few Powershell cmdlets that will be available soon to create Snapshots:



Practically, they may me combined with my other cmdlets supporting Pipelining.

To greate a Snapshot of all vm´s in the Default Location, just do

get-vmx | new-vmxsnapshot


This Produces a new Snapshot for all VM´s, if no Name s Specified all Snapsots will have the Time the command is issued as Name.


As you can see from the VMware Snapsot Manager, The newly Creted Snapsot has a Anme 04-30-2014_08-06-03.

Ther is also an older Snapshot Available.

I Could browse sthe Snapshots alo with

get-vmx | get-vmxsnapshot :


If i want to Remove all Snapshots form All VM´s, here comes Powershell again with Pipelining !

get-vmx | get-vmxsnapshot | remove-vmxsnapshot


That will remove all Snapshots. You Can also verify the delteion from the UI