Using Powershell to get VMware Workstation Configuration Information // Preview Modules

One of my Favourite personal Projects is “networker2go”
networker2go was designed to automatically Create VMware Workstation VM´s based upon Server2012 / Server2012R2
The VM´s where automatically installed with Applications like Exchange, SQL Hyper-V and other Scenarios with the Option to Backup with Networker, also Supporting emc VA´s like Isilon or AvamarVE.

The project was a historically grown and written in a Single powershell Commandfile to handle what i call Workorders.

For the new release, i already started to generalize some Functions with the idea to make the globally available, also vor non-networker2go related stuff.

My Naming Convention will be [verb]-vmx[noun].
I Already comleted a set of get-vmx commands to gather Information from VM´s. Pipelining is supported for some of them.

Here are some Examples:


Get-vmx will list the installed VM´s and their State. Without Patameter, it will use a $Global:vmxdir that can be specified in the Profile of the Modules. ( for networker2go it is the irectory where networker2go resides )

You also may want to specify a Path in the Command itself:

If more Information is required, you may want to pipe the reult to something i Call get-vmxinfo:

get-vmxinfo is a sort of duperset that combines various Information into a single result.

However, modules like get-vmxscsidisk and others are also available.

Here is a list of get-comands i have already prepared:


The Module pack will be made available soon …